What really annoys me??

Let me tell you......


Online Scam Artists

It seems there is a never ending parade of con men who put up a web site and offer some kind of money making "opportunity" in which one can make a ridiculous amount of profit in a short period of time. Most of them require you to bring in more people in order to build a "down line", which in turn adds to the pyramid base that builds beneath the person who brought you in to the program. By and large, the majority of the programs are iffy and dubious. Most of them are operated by people who go from one scam to another, cashing out right before law enforcement raid the business and freeze the bank accounts.

It is nice, however, to know that these guys are getting extradited from foreign countries, even on state charges, so they can face justice and serve a lengthy prison sentence. I have little to no use for these greedy jerks.


Kids these days

I am not as old as this rambling makes me appear, I was in high school 40 years ago and we didn't dare do some of the things kids do now. Were we to back-talk a teacher, we got spanked; not with a hand but with a wooden or other type paddle. As one teacher used to tell us, he'd make an impression on us. That, he did. I taught me to shut the hell up. There was no ADD or ADHD back then, a smack upside your head generally cleared any brain fog.

Perhaps it is the "permissiveness" brought out by "hippy" parents, who allowed their offspring to "let it all hang out". But, this is not always the case, I know parents who have raised their kids to respect others, be polite, and be generally good people. There is hope yet. I'm still all for smacking a kid when he needs it. Children need protection from beatings and abuse, NOT from discipline!!!

Online Bullying

It has been my great displeasure to have had numerous run-ins with a blowhard bully on several forums, one who lives to tear down others in order to make himself look larger. The use of common sense and facts to counteract his idiocy only add more fuel to the fire. Perhaps it is better to not respond to his tactics or to his childish videos he feels compelled to make and display around the net. He should be prosecuted.